Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You Might Have a Mastiff...

Today we're being treated with a post from our very talented co-writer, Brenda.  She and her saintly husband live in a lively house full of beautiful children and huge dogs.  Be sure and check out her blog,
 Kenney Creek Homestead, http://www.kenneycreekhomestead.blogspot.com/

You Might Have a Mastiff If:
·         The paw prints in your yard could be mistaken for Timber Wolf
·         The popcorn strings on the lower 2/3 of your Christmas tree are gone, and the remaining cranberries litter the floor
·         You are proficient at the hula because you’ve gotten so good at avoiding spit stringers
·         You consider anything less than a 40 lb bag of dog food “snack size”
·         You worry that a tennis ball might lodge in your dog’s trachea
·         Your dog can’t ride along with you unless you take “the big car”
·         The corners of your furniture and woodwork are chewed 3 feet up—from the puppy
·         At a glance, you aren’t sure whether the poop pile in the yard is from the dog or the horse
·         Missing socks and gloves show up in poop piles
·         You empty the water bucket and it all comes out in one gelatinous mass
·         When your dog stops right in front of you, you fall over the top of him
·         You are sitting on the couch, enjoying a book, and a head twice the size of yours appears over the top of whatever you’re reading
·         You have to modify a belt because stores don’t carry collars that big

And, finally,

·         You can’t imagine life without one of these gentle giants, and all of the above is worth every ounce of inconvenience.

Friday, December 6, 2013

In the Beginning.

This blog came about because of this conversation on facebook yesterday with my friends 'B' and 'J':
I have not left my yard since Sunday. No wonder I'm stir crazy.
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  • Marie  Join the club.
    14 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • Marie  Ooh, I LOVE IT! I'm going to start a new blog called "The Stir Crazy Club".
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  •            B  I'll be a guest writer.
               14 hours ago · Like
  • Marie  I was just going to suggest that you be a co-writer, or something like that. Great minds think alike and what-not...
    14 hours ago · Like · 1
  •            B  And you know it would be grammatically correct, most days.
               14 hours ago · Like
  • Marie  Of course! I just checked blogspot and the address is available. It's saved - I'll work on it later.
    14 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
  •            B  You're serious! Fun. Can't wait.
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  • Marie  Yes. I'm always looking for something to do.
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  •            J  I thought you were driving sideways down the middle of the road until you got stuck the other day?
               10 hours ago · Like
  •            B Okay, I made it about 50 feet out of my driveway on Monday. That doesn't count.
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  • Marie  Busted! That sounds like an adventure to me!
    7 hours ago via mobile ·

and that's about the size of it!  

Not sure where we plan to go with this blog, but I think everyone, whether they have a house full of kids, as B does, or spends most of their days alone, as I do, can relate to feeling 'stir crazy' every so often, especially in MN winter!