Friday, December 6, 2013

In the Beginning.

This blog came about because of this conversation on facebook yesterday with my friends 'B' and 'J':
I have not left my yard since Sunday. No wonder I'm stir crazy.
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  • Marie  Join the club.
    14 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • Marie  Ooh, I LOVE IT! I'm going to start a new blog called "The Stir Crazy Club".
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  •            B  I'll be a guest writer.
               14 hours ago · Like
  • Marie  I was just going to suggest that you be a co-writer, or something like that. Great minds think alike and what-not...
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  •            B  And you know it would be grammatically correct, most days.
               14 hours ago · Like
  • Marie  Of course! I just checked blogspot and the address is available. It's saved - I'll work on it later.
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  •            B  You're serious! Fun. Can't wait.
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  • Marie  Yes. I'm always looking for something to do.
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  •            J  I thought you were driving sideways down the middle of the road until you got stuck the other day?
               10 hours ago · Like
  •            B Okay, I made it about 50 feet out of my driveway on Monday. That doesn't count.
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  • Marie  Busted! That sounds like an adventure to me!
    7 hours ago via mobile ·

and that's about the size of it!  

Not sure where we plan to go with this blog, but I think everyone, whether they have a house full of kids, as B does, or spends most of their days alone, as I do, can relate to feeling 'stir crazy' every so often, especially in MN winter!

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