Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You Might Have a Mastiff...

Today we're being treated with a post from our very talented co-writer, Brenda.  She and her saintly husband live in a lively house full of beautiful children and huge dogs.  Be sure and check out her blog,
 Kenney Creek Homestead, http://www.kenneycreekhomestead.blogspot.com/

You Might Have a Mastiff If:
·         The paw prints in your yard could be mistaken for Timber Wolf
·         The popcorn strings on the lower 2/3 of your Christmas tree are gone, and the remaining cranberries litter the floor
·         You are proficient at the hula because you’ve gotten so good at avoiding spit stringers
·         You consider anything less than a 40 lb bag of dog food “snack size”
·         You worry that a tennis ball might lodge in your dog’s trachea
·         Your dog can’t ride along with you unless you take “the big car”
·         The corners of your furniture and woodwork are chewed 3 feet up—from the puppy
·         At a glance, you aren’t sure whether the poop pile in the yard is from the dog or the horse
·         Missing socks and gloves show up in poop piles
·         You empty the water bucket and it all comes out in one gelatinous mass
·         When your dog stops right in front of you, you fall over the top of him
·         You are sitting on the couch, enjoying a book, and a head twice the size of yours appears over the top of whatever you’re reading
·         You have to modify a belt because stores don’t carry collars that big

And, finally,

·         You can’t imagine life without one of these gentle giants, and all of the above is worth every ounce of inconvenience.

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